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I’ve always loved interior design. As a boy I would draw fantasy homes on my laptop drafting board in the back seat of the family car en route to our cottage in Charlevoix. Little did I know that by the time I was 27, I would be V.P. of a design firm, working closely with contractors and architects to create dream environments for upscale, discriminating clients.

You may have a desire to renovate an interior and probably wonder what the word “architextural” means for your project?

I founded Schaerer Design in 1985 but changed the name to “Schaerer Architextural Interiors” in 2005 when people began seeking us out for a very unique purpose. Our extensive experience in new construction design enabled us to represent our client’s needs at the conceptual phase of their project to create the best possible space. Today, clients trust us to help them define their style with “livable luxury.” In other words, we propose comfortable, but luxury design solutions that will live beside our clients in perfect harmony, satisfying their need for practicality as well as interior beauty. The result is an orchestration of architecture and interior beauty we like to call “architextural” design!

Featured Designer - Michigan Design Center, Troy

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Multiple Award Winner - Detroit Home Magazine

Why choose Bob Schaerer and Schaerer Architextural Interiors?

In addition to our stellar work, and over 40 years in the business, you can rely on my ability to listen and an unwavering attention to detail. We start with a conversation about you, your lifestyle, preferences and your goals for each space. From there, we define your style with “livable luxury”, infusing your personal taste into “architextural brilliance.” This includes one-on-one contact with me from the beginning of the project through completion. The final design will seamlessly marry your vision with the architectural elements of the interior.

I’m grateful to do what I’ve always wanted to do--work with people to discover their unrevealed style within. I invite you to peruse this site and if you’re ready to define your style with “livable luxury”, I’d be honored to show the way.



Our Philosophy

At Schaerer Architextural Interiors, we believe in defining and implementing your interior style with our philosophy of “livable luxury” by:

  • Discovering and then safeguarding your practical objectives and the resulting artistic vision through focused communication throughout each phase of the project.

  • Producing a beautiful, creative interior design that co-exists harmoniously and enhances the building’s architectural features.

  • Orchestrating our efforts with the architects and contractors to create an integrated synergy of architectural structure and interior beauty.

  • Ensuring that your goals and desires for design & expenditure are prioritized and respected throughout the new construction process.